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  • Petrified wood stretch bracelet - Pirouette Jewellery Designs
  • Petrified wood stretch bracelet - Pirouette Jewellery Designs
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Pirouette Jewellery Designs

Petrified wood stretch bracelet

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This Petrified Wood stretch bracelet has added jasper and gold plated spacers beads. The Size is approximately 7 inches or 17.78 centimetres. Code SB9

Lovely for to go with your autumn jumpers As the weather starts to change and the nights become chillier. What a lovely way to treat yourself or a loved one to something unusual. A wonderful bracelet to wear daily due to its healing and spiritual properties that these gemstones are said to have. 



  • A grounding stone.
  • Can assist anyone who is feeling stuck or feel like frozen in time.
  • Helps to create balance, grounds energy and promotes concentration.
  • Petrified Wood can calm down fears and make you feel safe and secure.



  • Worn by shamans, priests and kings, Jasper was considered sacred and a powerful stone of protection.
  • Jasper is a dense and opaque variety of Quartz.
  • Wear or carry Jasper to lessen stress and induce tranquillity.
  • It is believed that Jasper soothes epilepsy and gout.
  • Jasper is a stone of Archangels Haniel and Sandalphon


  1. Always take your jewellery off before bed to avoid damage
  2. Apply lotions, perfume etc before putting on you jewellery. The chemicals in these products can cause your gemstones and freshwater pearls to become damaged and also loose lustre
  3. Sterling Silver does age over time. It oxides and becomes darker. Included with your jewellery is anti tarnish paper. Please continue to store with the anti tarnish paper to prolong the life of the colour.
  4. Before bathing and washing remove all jewellery to avoid any water damage

We hope you enjoy your Petrified wood stretch bracelet!

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We are a mother and daughter duo that love to craft/make jewellery because it is great fun, fulfilling and is great for the soul. Bring creative is great and therefore see everyday items in a different way.  The day job takes us to admin in the NHS full time in different departments. We love what we do and hope you will enjoy your purchase from us.

If you have any questions about any of our products you have seen from us or would like a custom piece of jewellery for that special someone, occasion or for yourself we will be very happy to help and have a range of gemstones and colours to choose from. If there is a product you like but would like the colour changed please message us and we will aim to help you.

We have crafted for many years including making:

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Make each day a new beginning.

With love

Luchen and Cara x