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Lost in Lockdown

It’s what seems to be day 19,486 in lockdown and the country is sunnier than ever before during this time, our old lab Jess is loving having her daddy home from work just because she gets a long daily walk and extra cuddles. Not that she doesn’t get enough already!

Thank you streaming services!

It’s seems our usage and viewing of Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime is at an all time high along with the rest of the country! How did we cope before streaming services? DVD’s you say? I had forgotten all about them!

I hear today is a Bank Holiday, what are these things these days? Who am I? What day is it? Is this our life now? As we wave to our neighbours from afar why haven’t my bingo wings gone yet, I constantly ask myself! It seems we are lost in the lockdown bubble for a while longer yet.

Have you seen our mojo?

Our beading mojo has sadly completely gone for the time being but with Luchen crocheting blankets and myself knitting wooly hats it seems to ease the eternal Groundhog Day we are living just slightly. We still have no clue what day it is though. I only know it’s time to go to work when my echo dot alarm goes off. Other brands of smart speaker are also available! Blankets have been produced and new crochet stitches are being learned to pass the time. We seem to always have be wool delivered to Pirouette Jewellery Designs aka our home these days. It’s given us new skills to learn and products are being made that are slowly being adding to our ever expanding website.

When our lost mojo is returned to us just watch this space!  I’m sure that hand stitched brooches, box frames and sterling silver jewellery with wonderful colours and gemstones will be created. Don’t forget that not only do we sell ready made products but we also take custom orders for any occasion. Who wouldn’t want that bespoke and special piece with gemstones and colours of your choice.

Please email us at pirouettejewellerydesigns@gmail.com or message us on Facebook www.facebook.com/PirouetteJewelleryDesigns where you can read also reviews from previous customers. If you fancy visiting our website click here: www.pirouettejewellerydesigns.co.uk

Remember a life before lockdown?

In a past life before lockdown just a short eternity ago we were regulars at the Bideford Pannier Market most Saturdays and the occasional Tuesday. There are some amazingly talented people and artists there and everyone is so lovely. One day we hope to be back as stall holders to admire as well as purchase the work of local creatives there! For those who have never visited the Pannier market please do if you are ever in North Devon, it is at the top of the hill and the high street and there are so many amazing shops just below it in Butchers Row too, When you take a trip to North Devon when all this is over please visit the Pannier market. It really is such a wonderful and welcoming town.

Who starts a new job before lockdown?....me!

Being able to still work makes life that little bit normal and gives me a routine and for that I am very grateful. I miss having conversations with colleagues in person due to home working and social distancing. Thanks to video calling though we can keep in contact and keep our service running in the madness of the NHS bubble. They are doing an incredible job in the Mental Health sector during the most bizarre time ever known to human, animal or plant since the war. For me starting a new job 2 weeks before lockdown being implemented has certainly been a very odd time to join a new NHS team. I honestly think this is the best team I have ever worked with. Keep going A-Team you are always delivering an incredible service!

The Big C

In the near future we will no doubt be receiving more of the ever anticipated phone calls and letters to finally help Luchen or Mumma as I like to call her reach the ever nearing goal of having a lumpectomy for Breast Cancer. That day cannot come some enough. Another MRI scan is booked in for early June, just a couple of weeks away. Where is this year going? It’ll soon be Christmas! It’s been a long and daunting 6 months since diagnosis and with a partial knee replacement for mumma back in January she can walk now again with no crutches! I’m still amazed how far Luchen has come since that operation. The staff at The Circle hospital in Bath were absolutely amazing and they delivered the most brilliant service! The NHS and other healthcare workers/services really does need more recognition and thanks for the incredibly long working hours they put in after shifts are due to finish and the incredible situations they are working in at the present time!

We are slowly getting our small garden together this year for the first time ever and we are able to be outside during this terrible time. Being unable to visit our caravan in North Devon has been a huge blow but if it wasn’t for lockdown I am certain that the garden wouldn’t be getting sorted and the living room wouldn’t have been decorated for the first time in at least 20 years! There’s always a silver lining. Sometimes we have to look bloody hard for it.

Family we miss you!

We miss our families more than ever before and not being able to give them a big squeeze, but when that day comes it’s going to be so so special. No doubt we’ll cry! Thank god the internet was invented so we can video call and also see photos of the kids growing up on social media. This of course isn’t the same but we are very thankful we are able to see these things at this terrible time. When all this is over we will be having a huge get together and enjoy each other’s company. Gang are you ready?! No doubt a little too much alcohol will be consumed at that time!

Hang in there everyone as there is a beautiful world out there just waiting to be explored when lockdown is over. I can’t wait to get back to my home that is Disneyland Paris with my favourite people in the world. There are trips to Essex to see my friends and Derby to visit a friend turned sister that has inadvertently adopted us that I really to need to see and spent time with. They are all getting a big fat squeeze when they are stood in front of me! All our family and friends are so supportive of us and our little business! The faster we all stay home and socially distanced the faster the world will get back to normal.

Heres a socially distanced hug is coming your way

Cara x



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What a refreshing piece of writing. It’s wonderful to hear what you are both learning x

Your mojo’s are sure to reappear soon.

As for The Big C. Mumma bear is sure to give it the boot and be even more inspirational then, than she is right now x

Can’t wait, til you write again!!

Much Love
Your #1 Fan x

Trina Leah

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